Story behind Junkie

With the release of Junkie, the latest single from The Last Element, the band has decides to donate all revenue for this single to a good cause and set up the TLE foundation. 

The band explains: "We want to deliver on the message 'together we are stronger'. With setting up the TLE foundation, we want to start raising money for causes we believe in, no matter how big or small. So, got a cause you want us to supper, reach out to us!
With Junkie we want to start out small and direct. As the lyrics in Junkie are very personal to Jasper, describing the addiction of his oldest sister, the struggle, the battle between love and letting go and acceptance. We would like to help out, therefore, we think it's fair to donate the revenue to the parents supporting the individual. There is a possibility to join in and donate any amount of money, small of big, via the tip jar on the bands' website 'Donations' - with the attention of Junkie in the comment box. Thanks for your support and please read the full detailed statement from Jasper, lead singer of The Last Element below." 

Jasper's personal statement: "Today we'll release a very personal song. A song that I had a hard time writing, named Junkie. Junkie is only a little peck of the story about my oldest sister. Addicted by the age of 18 and went through hell and back, just to get her fix. She wasn't the only one who went through hell and back though, we (the family) all went with her. They say that every home carries a cross, a dark secret, a burden. We as a family carried a little more than the average household. But I like to believe that you can come out of that situation stronger, if you keep fighting. But this battle is one that I can't fight anymore. Junkie is a song about the rage build-up inside of me, inside of all of us. We keep giving and giving, but there is no end to it. Only acceptance. And I get it... I get is sister, the weight on your shoulders is too much for anyone to bear, too much to keep clean, to stay sober. But the saddest part of this story, is that the road only gets harder and the weight only gets heavier. I always believed that you would get through it all, fight your way out. But just like most beliefs, they went in time and so did mine. Just know that if you ever want to come back to us, we will always embrace you with open arms. This story is a tragic one, however, not a rare one. There are so many stories like mine, we want to give something back for the community. But we are just a small band, what can we do? Well, our message is together we are stronger. Together, we will set up the TLE foundation. With many giving, a little we can raise a lot, and change lives. " 

"The first project being a very personal one. My sister has been on and off the streets, in and out of jobs. That means she doesn't have a lot of money to spend. My parents pay most of my sister's expenses, but after all these years, I want to give something back to them. Therefore, we have decided to set up a trust fund for my parents and sister. We will donate all the revenue we earn through this song. That means all the revenue from streaming income, merchandise sales and single sales." 

If you want to support this cause, everything is sincerely appreciated, no matter how big or small. You can donate money through our tip jar, by buying merchandise (either way via our website or through our Bandcamp page) and streaming or purchasing our song. Most of all, please share our story with as many people as you can. By getting the word out, we hope to reach as many people as possible. Being addicted is a disease, it's not easy to cure, but remember you're never alone, either as the one being addicted or the ones loving someone who is. We all share a fate together and with the help of others, we can always with a way. 

If you need help or want to talk about your story with us, please reach out to us via Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger or Email. We are there if you need us.

With love, 
Jasper & The Last Element